Caitlin and Antonio Use Formstack—for Formstack

Caitlin and Antonio Use Formstack—for Formstack

With no-code automation and easy digitization, Formstack employees like Caitlin and Antonio find Formstack products to be a no-brainer for making their jobs easier.

"Having the Formstack suite available in my job has been life-saving.”

Formstack Forms and Documents aren’t just sales products to us. They’re a core part of how we get our work done. Come in our offices, talk to our employees, and you’ll find we use our own products all the time. Take Caitlin Spika, Senior People Ops Generalist, for example. By using Formstack Copilot, Forms, and Docs, Caitlin is able to decrease the time she spends on the performance evaluation review process with minimal administrative oversight. 

Senior Talent Development Partner Antonio Carruyo also finds Formstack Forms to be a crucial tool when creating employee engagement surveys. With Forms, Antonio is able to create conditional logic, update or rearrange questions, and seamlessly transfer the data to Google.

We use our own platform to automate work and increase productivity because we know it’s the best option out there. And as users ourselves, we have the firsthand experience necessary to make the right product updates and release new features customers will love.

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Reduced administrative overhead

Gathered performance review feedback with minimal administrative oversight

Added flexibility

Streamlined performance review processes into one workflow

Maximized feedback

Launched low cost surveys for maximum results

Built positive experiences

Provided visually engaging forms with encrypted features to reduce time and energy spent on completion

Video Transcript

Tell us about yourself! 

Antonio: I am a Senior Talent Development Partner. In my role, I plan, implement, and manage the execution of initiatives that enable the growth of “Sstackers” (Formstack employees) of all levels.

Caitlin: In my role as an HR Business Partner, I serve as a trusted advisor to management within product and development on matters pertaining to human resources and facilitating the alignment of business objectives. I also bridge the gap between HR and the broader organization, playing a pivotal role in the successful implementation and support of strategic HR initiatives and strategies.

If you were to describe Formstack to a friend or colleague, what would you say? 

Antonio: It’s a super powerful and easy-to-use set of apps that allows you to spend more time doing the things you love doing—instead of boring, repetitive tasks.

What challenges led you to use Formstack? 

Caitlin: At Formstack, our HR team administers comprehensive performance evaluations biannually. However, we currently lack a specialized performance management software to streamline our review process. Consequently, we were actively seeking an efficient solution that required minimal administrative oversight, enabling us to effectively gather performance review feedback from both employees and their respective managers.

How have you reimagined work using Formstack?

Antonio: Having the Formstack suite available in my job has been life-saving! Every time we start a new project or initiative, we find an opportunity to use our own tools to make the process easier.

Right now, we’re running our employee engagement survey, and we’re obviously using Formstack Forms to collect this valuable data from our employees. We worked on the survey’s visual aspect to make sure it looks nice and people have a good experience filling it. We use Form’s encryption feature to make sure that access to the raw data is strictly limited to those who really need it.

Since the survey is a bit lengthy, I’ve appreciated how easy it is to make changes, update the order of sections and questions, and create conditional logic. Forms is an exceptional product for this type of data gathering. We also use an integration to send the data to a Google Sheets form in order to do our analysis and data exploration.

Caitlin: In addressing our performance review challenge, we strategically utilized Copilot, Forms, and Docs. Copilot provided an intuitive, automated way to build a workflow that seamlessly integrated multiple forms. This integration culminated in the creation of a comprehensive document for each employee and their manager. The document then served as a valuable tool for reflecting on achievements, aligning on goals and objectives, and facilitating constructive feedback, thereby enhancing our performance review process.

What specific outcomes have you and your team been able to achieve?

Antonio: We are really able to launch surveys at a very low cost, when we need them and how we need them.

Caitlin: We have successfully implemented a streamlined performance review process that significantly reduced administrative burdens, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

What challenge are you planning on tackling next?
Next, we are looking to improve our leave of absence request process.

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